French style festivals, ads and us

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French style festivals, ads and us

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“From South France to Switzerland: festival, Ads and us”

For those who don’t already know, I am a young English woman who grew up in the North of England where the climate is chillier than our native friends, Europe, and the music is shared globally within the states of America and the rest of the world.

Why is it our music is popular within various countries where as we know nothing of music from the likes of France to Switzerland?

As I was growing up I continuously visited the South of France, year after year each Summer, and I couldn’t help noticing whenever I turned the radio on that at least every other hour or so, an English song would play, however in England the only other songs you will ever hear on our radio is from America, whom we share a similar vocabulary with. I am almost presuming that this is the same for our musical events.
Could it be that the English are more adapt when it comes to advertising via social networking sites? We are in a day of age where we are surrounded constantly by advertisements via Facebook and Twitter; 
we are now even finding musical sites such as Spotify, which has become extremely popular here in England, advertising the music it plays.

I for one find that people rarely go without hearing about the musical events in England at places such as the O2 Arena in London due to the easy access to global advertisement.
Companies are now even registering with the globally recognised Twitter and are able to spread the word and advertise their events themselves. I do feel the English venues are better surrounding advertisement via social networking due to the fact I never hear of an event, unless an American musical act or an English musical act, from Europe and the likes.

I have been given the task of researching four different events from the South of France to Switzerland, these following musical events are as follows:

– Electron Festival (CH)
– Montreux Jazz Festival (CH)
– Caprices Festival (CH)
– Crossover Festival Nice (FR)

Back to the advertisement of musical events, have I heard of any of these events? Admittedly, no yet
looking through the Caprices Festival event I recognise a lot of the talents as they are quite popular in England and if visiting France could probably be of interest to me and various other people here.
The festival I’d be more likely to visit out of the four listed above would be the Caprices Festival, clearly due to the fact the advertisement of its festival is more adapt for the English due to its translation and includes various recognised acts, alongside the fact that it’s advertisement seems to be miles above the other three festivals and can imagine it to be quite a popular event.  I have visited concerts myself here in England therefore have an idea of what the festival may entail security, programme wise and so forth. At a festival in London security was tough, all of our bags were checked before walking into the venue, there was security surrounding the venue and there were a line of bands playing before the final “big act” at the end of the night. Reflecting on the security here I feel that the Caprices Festival may have a rather similar take on their security and I would imagine it’d be well organised in advance.

And as a final word I would like to give Caprices Festival a pat on the back for their usage of Facebook and Twitter for advertisement, social networking in this modernised day and age is definitely the way forward when it comes to gathering more people for musical events however I do still feel the traditional poster on a lamppost or in a shop window is beneficial and should not be frowned upon or dismissed.

This PAUSE* was written by Guest Author – Rebecca JC, Newcastle.

3x Live pictures (@Crossover) by SEAL RCA TKO .


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