style for love 2.0

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style for love 2.0


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“Prologue — A World in Style”

In life we are being taught a lot of different lessons and values. From walking with an appropriate posture to talking in an appropriate kind of manner to eating according to rules and behaving just the way we are supposed to in this ever changing society. When we grow up we try to find our own way around the rules we were being taught by our parents and our teachers and or other guides.

So, there we are trying to grow up and trying to find our own personalities in between all those rules of behaving and being well-mannered and just appropriate.

We get confused and sometimes even miss-guided, take chances and make mistakes.
In all these different processes we do not just find ourselves struggling playing according to our parents’ and teachers’ and guides’ rules but also struggle to develop our style the way we develop our personalities and characters and inner motivations.

The question is, how can someone manage to concentrate on developing something like an understanding for style and fashion, when it seems to be so completely banal to the world around us that it often doesn’t appear to matter at all?

How can someone’s life dare to revolve around fashion when out there, in the other world, war and hunger and destruction are going on and on and on?

I sit in a small cafe while writing this piece. I look around and all I see are people trying to appear intellectual rather than appearing to be caring about how they look or literally ’appear’ to other people. On the big screen in the cafe a movie about Laurel and Hardey is being shown and I remember those glory days where men used to dress like gentleman and women knew how to dress like real Ladies. I miss those times. I look around again and feel like reeling from shock when I think about the fact how times changed in matters of ’appearance.’

When did the world shift to become a society obsessed with sad and destructive things
such as wars and fights and weapons rather than surrounding themselves with the beauty of fabrics, cuts and colours? I couldn’t live without these things. I couldn’t go on another day if I would miss the chance of dressing every single morning. Dressing to conquer the day that lies ahead of us. Because that really is what fashion is all about — giving you the confidence of being able to do it all, to have it all and to get it all.

Fashion is all about how you feel and being aware of those feelings, every single day because what you put on reflects who you are and sends a message to the world. We can control this message, should control it for it reflects our personalities, our views, our emotions. In this series of articles I will tell you my story —

This PAUSE* was written by Guest Author – Robert Schermann, Vienna (Austria).

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